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Cortney Young Featured in Reno with Dispute Resolution Guidance

Cortney Young Blanchard Krasner French Reno NV

Cortney E. Young, professional mediator with Blanchard, Krasner & French, was recently invited to provide guidance on a topic she’s well versed in: dispute resolution.

In advance of the Thanksgiving holiday, a gathering that can sometimes be tense, Cortney was invited to provide tips for mitigating tensions around the dinner table. In something of a whirlwind week, she shared her four tips for mitigating conflict with Reno’s FOX 11, KOLO News Channel 8, the Reno Gazette-Journal and local radio show Reno Tahoe Tonight.

You can catch a few of her appearances here and apply them to any upcoming holiday gatherings that may be cause for tension:

FOX 11


Reno Gazette-Journal

There’s no question that Blanchard, Krasner & French team members in Reno and San Diego are at the top of their respective focus areas. We’re so proud of Cortney and hope her guidance will be helpful no matter the time frame or the individuals gathering.