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Blanchard, Krasner & French shares overview of California employer’s Senate Bill 1343 obligations

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In 2018, former California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 1343, which expands existing sexual harassment training requirements for many California employers.

The law became effective January 1, 2019. We want to ensure our clients have the best possible understanding of those legal changes that affect them.

To assist our Blanchard, Krasner & French clients in understanding the new law and how it may apply to you or your business, we’ve provided a letter that includes a brief overview of an employer’s obligations with respect to such required training.

Further, to help you fulfill the requirements of this new law, Blanchard, Krasner & French is offering our clientele E-learning and webinar sessions in our conference room with a qualified trainer available at the conclusion of the session to answer any questions. Additionally, should you wish to host E-learning or webinar sessions at your own office, we can make a qualified trainer available to you to answer any questions your employees may have.

In addition to the expanded requirements for sexual harassment prevention training, we encourage employers to keep up to date about changes in other areas of employment law, including wage and hour laws, as the failure to comply with such laws may have significant consequences. As a precaution, employers should seek legal advice from competent counsel to ensure compliance with all applicable workplace laws.

Read the full memo here. 

If you are a Blanchard, Krasner & French client who would like to schedule a training, please call us at (858) 551-2440.